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 June sends heated frills
Early rising summer sun
       Soon scorchers ahead


For those wondering the salutations at the home page for each new month and then also found at each month’s blog page are Haikus.

It is a form of Japanese poetry where a story is told in 3 lines that are written in 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the 2nd line and 5 syllables in the 3rd and last line.

Nature and emotions set the tone for the subject matter.


what I appear to be


The love and passion that I have for Labrador Retrievers is what fuels my drive for my total involvement with the breed. The never-ending quest for the Betterment of the Breed is the legacy that I would

like to leave behind after it is all said and done.


This Blogging Off section reflects the "tell it like it is" persona that comprises one of the many hats that I wear in my daily activities with Labrador Retrievers and the people that own them. 

"Questions are the keys to understanding,
answers are the open doors that will follow,

choosing the right door to proceed through will
determine if the correct path was taken."
V. Sandy Herzon

June 30th

The Numbers Are In For WPB

Well it looks like having two 4-day shows on the same weekend (July 13 to the 16th) 13-distance driving hours apart took its toll on the West Palm Beach show for Labrador Retriever entries.  In fact, we had considered by-passing the WPB shows ourselves and head over to Southaven in search of friendlier judges, plus a lower number of dogs for a major!

However, thinking about driving an extra 11 hours, when WPB is less than 2 hours from us……………just didn’t tip the scales enough for us to make the longer ride.

WPB will have around 25 total Labs and a total entry of around 800 total dogs of different breeds……………..which actually is a great number for WPB considering the absenteeism seen at the Tampa and the most recent dog shows in Orlando.

Most of the out of state pro handlers that travel down to Florida opted to do the shows in Southhaven MS, which would be lots closer to them in the first place.

A few had contacted me for what I figured would be our numbers, and sadly I didn’t have too much of encouraging news for them. Ultimately, those then went with the Mississippi shows.

Chambray will still have a great showing with our dogs as we will have 8 out of the 12 class males, 5 out of the 9 females and 5 out of the 6 champion specials………………….so major kudos to the Chambray Owners for supporting these shows in our own backyard!

We have invited a large group of new owners to come and root the home team on. Plus there will be a dozen or so local breeders coming to check out our champions that will be vying for the BOB’s up for grabs these 4 shows.

Of course, with a large roster for us against low entry numbers, the Chambray handlers will be running around like chickens with their heads cut off……………………ouch, I don’t like that visual, so let’s change it to ‘busy bees buzzing beautifully before breakfast’!.....................hey, don’t complain about the prose, I don’t get paid for this entertainment I provide!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, now we have 14 days before our first show since the beginning of May! With all the rain and cancelled classes, we are running way behind in training and conditioning. In the last couple of days, our owners have been dropping of their dogs for last minute tune-ups and some grooming……………plus most are clearing out for the 4th of July and leaving Fido at the farm is a two-fer!

June 30th

Some Comedy Relief For The End Of The Month!!!

Some of my readers and followers were asking about the 'Fake News' mentioned in the previous blogs..............well, as I go through my 'Saved Files For Future Use' .....................files from emails received and archived, from website pages copied and saved, from Facebook rantings and ravings...............I will for now post the AP musings of the week...............those Fake News that made headlines just this last week..................Fake News that the gullible, the blind followers, the herds of sheep, the followers of gobbledygook and malarkey, tripped all over themselves to post and re-post on Facebook and other mayo-spread media, of course we all know now how foolish all those folk were and are.


So enjoy and stay tuned for Fake News of the Labrador World blog coming soon! 

NOT REAL: Whataburger files for bankruptcy; all locations to close by August 1.

THE FACTS: The Texas-based fast food chain has taken to social media to quash a series of false stories claiming it was going out of business. When clicked, the stories inform the reader that the headline is a prank. Nevertheless, Whataburger posted messages on Facebook and Twitter on Wednesday saying the article "is a hoax" and "we aren't going anywhere."


NOT REAL: UNREAL: A Drastic INCREASE Of Monthly Payments - Social Security Recipients Delighted

THE FACTS: Stories posted by several conservative-leaning sites credit President Donald Trump with boosting Social Security payments earlier this year. A cost-of-living adjustment for Social Security payouts with a 0.3 percent increase did go into effect in January, but it was announced in October , weeks before Trump was elected.


NOT REAL: Italian Investigators Confirmed: Obama Used Fake Birth Certificate

THE FACTS: A story based on former Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio's conclusion that former President Barack Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate is a forgery has been shared by several conservative-leaning websites. The account doesn't elaborate on the supposed Italian investigation. Hawaii officials have repeatedly confirmed Obama's citizenship. In 2012, they said Arpaio's allegations are "untrue, misinformed, and misconstrue Hawaii law."


NOT REAL: Pence Calls Gays To Voluntarily Quit Jobs With God-Fearing Employers "So We Can Avoid Laws That Reject Them"

THE FACTS: This article from the Newslo group of admitted satire sites first published in November claims that during an interview with Fox News, then-Vice President-elect Mike Pence called on gays to quit working so they won't get fired by conservative employers. There's no evidence such an interview exists. Newslo bills itself as "the first hybrid News/Satire platform on the web."


NOT REAL: A Man Just Caught A Giant Great White On the Great Lakes!

THE FACTS: This story about a fisherman catching a massive great white shark in Lake Michigan has been floating around in online circles for more than a year. It claims the U.S. Coast Guard commented that the fish could explain the disappearance of hundreds of people. Coast Guard spokesman Chris Yaw tells the AP the agency never said such a thing and the story is a work of fiction.


This weekly fixture is part of The Associated Press' ongoing efforts to fact-check claims in suspected false news stories.

June 30th

It's Official

Chambray's AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day
AKC RDO Day Set For

September 9th 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our 17th annual AKC RDO Day is now officially sanctioned and scheduled for September 9th, 2017. We will also be holding a Puppy Get Together & Puppy Match for all the newest 2017 puppies that have gone to their new homes! 

This will also be a great time to launch and inaugurate our new facilities for training and conditioning and dog care that we have been working on for the last 6 months. 

We expect well over 50 owners and dogs to come out and celebrate Responsible Dog Ownership Day with CGC Testing, a Fun Puppy Match, grooming demonstrations and lots of vital information for our newest Chambray Owners that have recently joined the one-of-a-kind Owner's Program.

June 29th

The Leading Edge Of Research

The response to yesterday's It's A Number's Game blog has been tremendous from all over, not just our Chambray owners.


Most were amazed at the current consensus, facts and figures that the leading Veterinary PHD's, Geneticists, Doctoral Analysts & Researchers from the top Institutes and Veterinary Organizations have published in the last 5 years.

Here was a sample from a hobby breeder:


“I was under the impression that having parents that have clearances for hips and elbows would mean that their puppies would also pass when they were adults.” Linda Strickland MS

The only 100% test for any malady, disease, or anomaly is done with DNA testing.


That is a simple process as follows:

Dogs that are CLEAR and when bred to another dog that is also CLEAR for that trait/disease will produce 100% CLEAR offspring.

Conversely, dogs that are AFFECTED (that have the disease/malady or trait), when bred to another dog that is AFFECTED will produce 100% AFFECTED offspring……………….all the offspring will have the trait and will show signs or symptoms.

There are also dogs that are CARRIERS………………….they don’t have symptoms or show signs of the trait, however they carry that trait in the recessive and can pass on one copy of the trait……………..if bred to another CARRIER, there is a 25% chance that two copies of the unwanted trait will combine and that offspring will be an AFFECTED!

THERE IS NO DNA test for any joint condition!


NONE! No way of knowing if ANY offspring will show symptoms or not!

There is NO GENE that has been identified to be the cause of any joint condition!

The only working option that breeders have is to X-ray their dogs to see if the hips, elbows, patella, hock, shoulder and other joints seem to be normal looking. This is determined by a radiologist’s opinion……………………..OPINION is the operative word here because it all depends on which radiologist reads the X-rays and supplies their version of the verdict!

There is more ambiguity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Breeding two dogs that PASS their clearances doesn’t guarantee that all their puppies will pass!

Breeding two dogs that DON’T PASS their clearances will produce 80% of puppies that will PASS!!!!!!!!!!!


How does that happen?????????????????????????????????

Well, the leading brainiacs…………………the PHD’s, the Researching Veterinary Scientists, the Doctoral Analysts DON’T KNOW………………… has been studied for the last 50 years by the most imminent universities, the top veterinarian research institutes, foundations, organizations and there is no rhyme nor reason and there is no imminent hope for the future to be able to solve the major stumbling block that breeders are faced with.

None of the veterinarians that perform the x-rays can forecast what the results will be from the x-rays that they take, if they did, then they would be the ones certifying the x-rays and none are certified to do that. Most can give their opinion, but none are willing to sign their name on the dotted line.

There is a lot of gobbledygook, erroneous assumptions by the wayward, fake news promoted by those that don't know, hocus-pocus quack pseudo-science being spread by conspiracy theory addicts about everything under the sun...................however the bottom line is that this is what we have to work with and those breeders that have the betterment of the breed first and foremost will heed the most current information available to ensure the best results from their breeding programs.

From the leading research laboratories and PHD’s we now know that genetics only plays a lesser percentage than originally assumed!


All the forefront results and conclusions now place environmental issues as the leading cause for abnormal joint conditions, with nutrition as the 2nd leading cause of cases where dogs don’t pass their joint clearances……………………..genetics now is an ‘assumption, more than a precise conclusion, because there is no gene that has been found that is responsible for the abnormalities seen in X-rays!


All puppies are born with PERFECTLY formed joints…………….so it is NOT congenital! Then after birth, environment and nutrition begin to determine the outcome of each individual puppy, with a 20 to 30% showing some abnormalities as defined by the different clearance organizations.

So, now we as breeders follow the recommendations for early age puppy development and back off starting them on rigorous training and conditioning until plate growth is formidable...................we also follow the nutritional guidelines set up by the top research institutes. 

Besides doing our best with environmental development and nutrition, we still have to contend with another situation that has an effect on whether a particular dog passes or not………………..with over a dozen such 'clearing' organizations giving their opinion on whether something ‘LOOKS’ normal or not…………………..variances do occur and we must come to a conclusion as to which company is providing the best service.

So, at the most for now, breeders are looking at the ‘luck of the draw’ and that a certain percent of dogs that are X-rayed will pass and others that will not.

That's why every single time that anyone does X-rays and sends them to one of the many 'clearing' houses, it's cross your fingers and hold your breath until the envelope comes in the mailbox with someone's take on how X-rays looked!


It’s truly a number’s game.

June 28th

It's A Number's Game

As we prepare for the next Chambray Health Clinic where we will have a maximum of 6 dogs to be x-rayed for hips and elbows................I can't help but wonder what the numbers will be that pass or don't pass!

For healthy dogs, those that have not been in accidents, that have not shown any signs of lameness, there is a 'natural' percentage of those that will not pass their clearances! That number can range anywhere's from 10 to 25% and there are recent studies that place the higher end at 40%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, out of every 5 dogs tested for hip and elbows......................ONE to half may not pass the criteria set up by the half a dozen or so of clearance organizations......including Penn Hip, OFA, the various FCI registries, the UK and EU and others.

So, that number compounds when there has been a problem that will increase those odds.

In the past 12 months, several of our owner’s dogs were involved in environmental induced accidents that have sidelined each of those dogs and each has been going through treatments ranging from surgery to manual physical therapy.


One dog jumped from a second floor balcony and caused a severe upper shoulder trauma………………… another dog was free-riding in her owner’s van and went flying over the front seat when the owner slammed on the breaks to avoid rear-ending another car……………then smashed into the windshield of the car causing bone and ligament damage to the dog's knee and ACL……………….another dog was witnessed by the owner being chest bumped/rammed into her side rear and causing the teres ligament inside the hip socket to snap………….the teres ligament attaches the ball of the leg and keeps the joint snug……………………….a six month old puppy ended up with severe erosion of the elbow joint due to extreme exercise at too young an age............and now is going through an extensive nutritional regimen and physical therapy involving aquatic treadmill workouts, with very promising results in 9 months. 


However, all now have a greater chance of ‘not’ passing their regular clearances as a result of the added burden and stress of ‘over-compensation’ to all the other joints of the body, especially the opposite side knee/elbow/shoulder……………plus the unusual wear and tear to the most critical of all joints, the hip ball and socket due to the misalignment of the those joints that have been affected.

With the owners from above, all had x-rays to the other joints done, however after a long period of abnormal wear and tear, the results could vary.

The following is one of the most up-to-date publications of research by one of the tops in the field from the Institute of Canine Biology:

*see the above website for illustrations and graphics mentioned in the publication found below.

By Carol Beuchat PhD

Hip dysplasia is a hot topic in dogs, if it's possible to stay "hot" for 50 years. Researchers have been working hard for decades looking for solutions, and
breeders have been doing their best to reduce the risk of producing affected puppies. But still the problem remains.

There are some simple things we could do to reduce the incidence of hip dysplasia now if we understand a few basic things. Here are the 10 most important things you need to know.

All puppies are born with perfectly normal hips
Hip dysplasia is not a congenital defect; it is not present at birth. Multiple studies have demonstrated that all normal puppies are born with "perfect" hips; that is, they are "normal" for a newborn with no signs of dysplasia. The structures of the hip joint are cartilage at birth and only become bone as the puppy grows. If a puppy is going to develop hip dysplasia, the process begins shortly after birth.

This is the hip joint of a 1 day old puppy. The cartilage tissue does not show up on an x-ray until the minerals are deposited that form bone. Proper development of the joint depends on maintaining the proper fit between the head of the femur and the socket (acetabulum).

"The hip joints of all dogs are normal at birth. The joints continue to develop normally as long as full congruity is maintained between the acetabulum and the femoral head... The acetabular rims are stimulated to grow by mild traction applied by the joint capsule and gluteal muscles attached along their dorsal borders, and from pressure by the femoral heads upon the articular surfaces... The morphologic characteristics of the complex hip structure show that biomechanical behavior is the prime influence in the growth of this joint." (Riser 1985)

2) The genes that cause hip dysplasia remain a mystery
Hip dysplasia tends to be more common in some breeds than others and in some lines than others, which indicates that there is a genetic component to the disorder. However, scientists have been looking for genes that are responsible for the development of hip dysplasia in dogs for decades without success.

​Genes that are associated with hip dysplasia have been identified in some breeds, but they are breed-specific; that is, the assortment of genes is different in every breed. (For example, see studies on the German Shepherd dog (Marschall & Distl 2007, Fells & Distl 2014, and Fels et al 2014), Bernese Mountain Dog (Pfahler & Distl 2012), and Labrador Retriever (Phavaphutanon et al 2008). Genes that could cause hip dysplasia have not been found in any breed.

It's unlikely that researchers are going to discover an easy genetic solution to the problem of hip dysplasia. It is a complex trait that is influenced by both genes and environment, and there is no simple solution just over the horizon. We should be able to improve genetic progress by using selection strategies that are as efficient and effective as possible such as estimated breeding values, EBVs.



3) Environmental factors are also important
Although there is a genetic influence on hip dysplasia, the
heritability of the trait is rather low. Many studies have shown that genetic variation accounts for only a modest fraction of the variation in hip scores, usually 15-40%. This means that some fraction of the variation in the quality of the hips is the result of non-genetic, or "environmental" influences. This is one reason why decades of strong selection has resulted in only modest reductions in hip dysplasia in some breeds. At the current rate of progress and selecting only by phenotype, it could take decades to achieve a meaningful reduction in the incidence of hip dysplasia (Lewis et al 2013).

Understanding the specific environmental factors that play a role in the development of hip dysplasia should allow us to reduce the number of animals affected by hip dysplasia even if the genetic basis is not yet understood. This would reduce significant pain and suffering as well as the expense and heartache endured by owners of an afflicted dog. There is no reason why we should not be taking active steps to do this now.

​The top three environmental factors that have been found to play a significant role in the develop of dysplastic hips are:
a) joint laxity, b) weight, and c) exercise (see below).


4) Joint laxity is the primary cause of hip dysplasia
Puppies are born with perfect hips, and if the hips do not develop laxity the dog does not develop hip dysplasia (Riser 1985). Joint laxity occurs when the head of the femur does not fit snugly into the acetabulum. This could be the result of traumatic injury, overloading of the joint by weight, lack of muscle strength, or adductor forces (e.g., bringing the legs together). Joint laxity is the primary factor that predisposes a dog to the development of hip dysplasia.

​In dogs as well as many other vertebrates (including humans), the head of the femur in newborns is held securely in place by a strong ligament variously called the "round ligament" or "teres ligament".

One end of this ligament is attached to the head of the femur and the other end to the inner wall of the acetabulum (the cup-like socket on the pelvis).

You can see the teres ligament in this illustration (labeled "LIGAM. TERES"). 


If this ligament is damaged or severed, the femur will not be held tightly in the socket, which will cause the joint to feel "loose".


If the femoral head is not positioned properly in the socket, the forces on the hip will be abnormal. Instead of being distributed across the inner surface of the socket, the forces on the joint will be concentrated in a smaller area on the weaker rim of the acetabulum. The result will be damage to the rim of the socket when a load is placed on the hip joint.

5) Controlling joint stability is key
​The teres ligament should hold the head of the femur securely in the socket of the growing puppy while the muscles that will support the hip develop and grow stronger. But in some puppies, the ligament shows evidence of damage before they are even a month old (Riser 1985).

"The teres ligaments of the hip joints were edematous [swollen], a few ligament fibers were torn, and capillary hemorrhage dotted the surface of the ligaments at the point of the tears. These changes were considered the first findings that might be linked to hip dysplasia."

​The abnormal forces on the femur and acetabulum that are caused by joint laxity result in the trauma that causes hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis of the hip.

"There is no evidence that a primary defect of bone exists but rather the disease is a failure of the muscles and other soft tissues to hold the hip joint in full congruity. This is further supported by the fact that bony dysplasia can be increased, decreased, or prevented by controlling the degree of joint instability and incongruity. No other malformations are associated with the disease. A causal relationship between muscles and soft tissue defects or pathologic changes other than lack of muscle mass or strength has not been established... Hip dysplasia is a concentration of factors from a pool of genetic weaknesses and environmental stresses that fall into a programmed pattern of progressive remodeling and degenerative joint disease." (Riser 1985)

6) Body weight is a MAJOR environmental factor
If there is laxity in the hip joint, the amount of damage done to the femur and acetabulum will depend on the magnitude of the forces in the hip joint. The heavier the dog, the greater the forces will be and also therefore the higher the risk of hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis.

​Puppies that weigh more at birth as well as those with higher growth rates (so they get heavier sooner) have a higher risk of degenerative changes in the hip joint (Vanden Berg-Foels et al 2006).

​As this graph shows, puppies kept on a restricted diet (gray line) have a dramatically lower risk of dysplasia and it develops much later in life than in puppies kept on normal rations (black line) (Smith et al 2006). 

At four years old, less than 10% of dogs kept on a restricted diet (25% less than the control diet) were dysplastic, while at the same time more than 30% of the dogs in the control group were dysplastic. As an added advantage, dogs on restricted diets live longer, too (Kealy et al 2002)!

Unfortunately, many dogs (including show dogs!) are overweight (McGreevy et al 2005, Corbee 2013), and obesity could well be the single most significant environmental factor affecting the development of hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis. But body weight is a factor that we can control.

​Although progress from genetic selection will take many generations, the incidence of hip dysplasia in dogs could be immediately and dramatically reduced simply by practicing better weight management.

7) Exercise is good and bad
Exercise strengthens the muscles of the legs and pelvis, and this will increase the stability of the hip joint. But all exercise is not created equal.

Puppies raised on slippery surfaces or with access to stairs when they are less than 3 months old have a higher risk of hip dysplasia,while those who are allowed off-lead exercise on soft, uneven ground (such as in a park) have a lower risk (Krontveit et al 2012). Dogs born in summer have a lower risk of hip dysplasia, presumably because they have more opportunity for exercise outdoors (Ktontveit et al 2012). On the other hand, dogs from 12-24 months old that regularly chase a ball or stick thrown by the owner have an higher risk of developing dysplastic hips (Sallander et al 2006). 

The most critical period for proper growth and development of the hip in dogs is from birth to 8 weeks old, so the type of exercise the puppies are exposed to is most important during this time.

8) Nutrition is important
While puppies are growing rapidly, it is critically important to get their nutrition right.

Growing puppies need to eat enough to support growth but they should not be fat, because any extra weight can increase the risk of developing hip dysplasia (Hedhammar et al 1975, Kasstrom 1975). An additional problem is that puppies getting too much food could also consume too much of specific nutrients. Puppies provided a quality commercial puppy food that is fed in the proper amount will have a nutritionally balanced diet and should not receive any supplements. Dietary supplements, especially of calcium, are not only unnecessary but could cause serious problems. There is no evidence that supplemental protein or vitamins will reduce the risk of hip dysplasia (Kealy et al 1991, Nap et al 1991, Richardson & Zentek 1998).

9) Early intervention is critical
Most treatments for hip dysplasia are easier and more successful in younger dogs. If early symptoms are overlooked and screening is done only after 24 months or more, the window of time with the best prognosis in response to treatment will have passed (Morgan et al 2000). Signs of lameness usually first appear when the puppy is 4 to 6 months old, but after a month or two the dog will often seem better. This is because damage to the acetabular rim such as microfractures will have healed and the dog is no longer in pain, but development of dysplasia and osteoarthritis will continue. From there, the dog might not display clinical signs again for years while the pathological damage progresses.

Laxity in the joint can be determined as early as 4 months old (either by palpation or PennHIP). If detected early, intervention to mitigate additional damage can include weight loss, modifying exercise and activities, or surgery - but it must be done early before skeletal growth is complete. Breeders should educate new puppy owners about the factors that can increase the risk of developing hip dysplasia and also advise them to get a veterinary examination immediately if there is any sign of lameness.

10) We can dramatically reduce hip dysplasia now
Genetic selection should continue to produce modest progress in the reduction of hip dysplasia. But a significant and immediate reduction in the number of afflicted animals could be achieved by better control of non-genetic, environmental factors. Weight management, appropriate exercise, proper nutrition, and early intervention at the first sign of lameness are simple steps we can take that will dramatically reduce the pain and suffering caused by hip dysplasia. The research will surely continue, but we already have the information we need to tackle this problem. 

June 28th

July Health Clinic Is On!

We are all set for the 4th Chambray Health Clinic of the year! Sunday July 9th will be the day! 

So all those male dogs that have been tapped for either our Stud Dog Program and those females that have passed their conformation evaluations and have been selected to take part in producing the next generation of puppies for the Betterment of the Breed and need hip & elbow X-rays done for certification, either Penn Hip or OFA, or for those that need submission for the FCI certifying registries, PLUS all those that do not have DNA tests done........................this is the day to get it all caught up with. 

Keep in mind that all dogs participating in the Puppy Placement Program must have the available joint clearances to be eligible for breeding, plus DNA testing as well.

Dr. Cesar will be here with the mobile unit for X-rays...............for any stragglers that haven't been vaccinated for the Dog Flu CIV.............for rabies shots and tags................for Travel Health Certificates now being demanded by out of state agriculture departments....................for boosters and Kennel Cough vaccines.........................for viable semen certification..............and any other veterinary agendas, including micro-chipping for dogs needing the procedure.

I will be collecting DNA swabs for submission to GenSol that has a sale of $30 per test with an order of 5 different DNA test. I will also collect the stud dogs that need the semi-annual semen count done.

We will also be available to evaluate for conformation for all dogs that have reached a year old for consideration for inclusion into the stud dog and the breeding program.

Due to limits with the space, time and assistants needed for recovery from anesthesia, we will be limiting the number of dogs to be X-rayed to 6, there is no limit on the number of dogs to be DNA'd or evaluated or for semen collection.

RSVP as soon as possible to be counted in.

June 27th

The News Gets Better

LATE BREAKING GOOD NEWS FOR THE WEST PALM BEACH DOG SHOWS................well at least for possible majors for males in Labrador Rretrievers!

I have been getting real good news from some pro handlers and the numbers for class males has been rising! At last count, 12 noon today, Tuesday, there are 15 class males accounted for, so add another 4 or 5 from 'here and there' and it looks like we may see at least the 17 needed for a major!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 26th

Let's Get This Part Going
West Palm Beach Here We Come!

Okay, it’s time to shake the cobwebs from our minds, our dogs and our dog show paraphernalia as it is dog show entry time. Unfortunately the news from this end of the peninsula is not what I wanted to report!

Nope, not what I envisioned……………………..we, the Chambray dogs and owners can only come up with 7 class males…………which means that there has to be 10 more class males from the pros, the exhibitors and Labradors breeders and that’s starting to look like a mighty tall order!

I am not getting any good news from pros from out of state and the locals are running skimpy on assignments, probably still due to the effects of the dog flu scare.

Of course never count the chicks before they hatch and who knows, maybe some stragglers will show up and the numbers will rise.

I can’t wait for these shows! This has been the longest stretch of time that we have not been to dog shows in 30 years of showing dogs!

The fantastic news from the Chambray owners has been that not one single dog showed any signs of either N2 or the N8 CIV………………roughly, half were tested and all those came back negative………….adding icing to the cake, the Chambray owners came through and 100% of those dogs in the Dog Show Management Program…………………the Stud Dog Program dogs and the dams that will have future litters were all vaccinated!

How’s that for taking care of business, ultimately for the Betterment of the Breed!

So, here we go to West Palm Beach in less than 3 weeks………………four days of shows with a crew of young whippersnappers! Yep, those dogs needing just majors will continue their hiatus until we trek out of state……………..hoping for majors there!

Expectations are high that we may be celebrating Chambray’s 2nd Bronze Grand Champion of the year!!!!!!!!! That will be a US record 9 Bronze Grand Champions from one breeder. More than likely, the first show on Thursday will provide the setting for Grand Ch Chambray's Duke Destined For Greatness to vault to that alto-stratus mark of 100 Grand Champion Points and achieve his BRONZE!

Although our top gun dogs that just need majors will not be contending at these shows, there is still a great possibility that Chambray's Magnum N Counter, with 11 points and both majors could accumulate the needed single points to make him the 3rd Chambray Champion of the year and the 59th Chambray Lifetime Champion………………..following the most recent Ch Chambray’s Triple Play (#58) and before him, Ch Chambray's Southern Magnolia Beau (#57).

The rest of the class males and class females are all clumped towards the rear of the pack with a couple of points or no points each!

However, that's how the youngsters become pointed, by competing and winning their way to the front of the horse race.

We will now await for Friday to see what the entry numbers are, meanwhile we will be going all out with training, conditioning and grooming for the next 2 weeks with our starting day roster dogs.

June 25th

Another One Bites The Dust

When Red Flags Flare............Take The Warning!

My readers must like the ‘tattletale’ musings of ‘Interviews Gone Sour’……………… is one of the most requested topics from the regular followers to this blog section!

Since, I aim to please………………here’s a recent ones that stands out.

Couple arrives right on time and I open the gate and welcome them to my little Labrador world………………..much as I have done to well over a thousand other visitors/interviews before them.

Those of you that have visited me here at Chambray Acres know the drill down to the second………………you arrive, I let you in, we all go sit under the Old Orchid Tree……………………..same orchid tree, which is now 40 years old, having been planted by yours truly as I was building the house that I have called home for 4 decades now.

So, nothing much new other than the two new faces sitting across from……………all of us including me sitting on my newly designed/constructed pressure treated outdoor furniture!

Some of you might know that I grew up in a furniture manufacturing factory that my parents owned and operated for over 30 years!


So, I am a 2nd generation carpenter, from my dad with furniture and later in life a house building carpenter.

Well, routines are routines and I go through some of the usual introductions and information sharing with the very attentive couple sitting, taking in every word I shared with them.

Perfectly timed, the very attractive lady opens up what I thought was a photo album that she carried in with her……………………..much to my surprise, it was a notebook with tabs dividing 6 different sections of interests…………………… I was about to find out, each section full of computer printouts……………..including a dozen or so of pages from a couple of the Chambray websites!

Now, I boast and brag about my ‘ruthers’ to be working with folk that are educated about dog ownership and also the ways of Labradors! However, I was not prepared to defend my thesis/dissertation and board exams as a Labrador breeder……………all in the same day!

Whoa Nelly never sounded so apropos! Yep, whoa your horse was the soup de jour that particular day!

Maybe I need to go back to the information page about the Interview Process at Chambray Acres………………the Interview that I CONDUCT! Not the other way around!

The Inquisitions of yester-centuries paled in comparison that what this particular person had in mind.

She had notated every single page of information from my website and she had also scoured through hundreds of my diatribes, rantings and exposes from my Blogging Off section and she began to quote and then ask specific question about………..whatever! She even had contrasting points of view from other sources!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since this was a total first for me and new things tend to pique my interest…………………..I allowed several minutes of the ‘newness’……………………..until the newness became most irritating because of some of the absurdities derived from ill-informed sources………………..from USHS and PETA sites……………….from dumbass, newbie, pseudo-breeders and other total waste of time people and places.

Some of my readers more or less know what comes next……………………………. “Okay, we have come to the conclusion of our interview……………….I have all the information at hand to make a decision as to whether I will be placing a Chambray puppy with you. At the current time, there isn’t a puppy that will be available to fit your agenda. You can check back later in the year when we may have other puppies available!”

All in one motion, I finished that directive, got up, pressed the button on the automatic gate opener, took several steps toward the gate, waited for them to follow and that was all she wrote!

Gee, I wonder if I passed!

June 25th

Garbage In, Garbage Out Struck A Chord

The ‘Garbage In, Garbage Out’ blog brought about lots of interest.


First of all, I didn’t come up with the saying………however it is so befitting that I had to post it.

It echoes my sentiments about the current state of affairs with social media…………..Twitter, Facebook and the like……………………..Garbage In, Garbage Out is pretty much a 21st century’s ‘Information Age’ phenomena by-product.

The same conduit for sharing truth, legitimate, great information at the speed of light is also the same vehicle to spread falsehoods, outright lies, deception, gibberish, innuendos, propaganda, psychological manipulation, political ‘Fake News, character assignation, and whatever else lurks in the minds of the nefarious, the false prophets, the rascals …………………all of the preceding from the ‘pros’ and then there’s maybe even worse……………………..from the millions of minions...............the lay people, the masses…………the dumbasses, the illiterates, the uneducated, the blind followers………from them we get gobbledygook!

Yep, gobbledygook from the ill-advised, from those that would never, ever be heard from or seen…………………that’s because they really have nothing worthy of saying or seeing…………….however, they have now been empowered with a soapbox that has multitudes of more minions with nothing better to do than to scour the walls, platforms, screens or whatever it is that the particular social media sets up for blokes to endlessly scroll through looking to make their lives whole and complete…………….unfortunately what they really get is a bunch of baloney…………….worthless drivel, wrongly arrived assumptions and on purpose, made up rigmarole, blubbering, and mumbo jumbo……….in others words blah-blah not worth the time to write, let alone the time to read.

Someone who can barely speak their mind, let alone scribe those fleeting and nebulous conjectures will chime with less than a 4th grade reading/writing level and then a gaggle of likewise educationally-challenged homies with nothing better to do than to pipe in with some of the old say ‘whut’ will exchange refuse and garbage between them as if though the problems of the world were being solved by their waywardness and idiotic ramblings.

If the preceding was all these was to the subject, then the rest of the populace would be unscathed, because in actuality, who really cares what exchanges are made between lost causes. A lost cause is a lost cause and no matter how much is done to right that course, invariably those that choose those errant ways, will always go back to the lost ways.

The real problem arises when others follow along with the misconceptions, the absurdities and go about repeating the senselessness as if though it was gospel.

Garbage in, garbage out is the new information age, because there’s more of it available and being distributed with more frequency and veracity than actual reality and verifiable truth.

June 23rd

Here is a good 'read' for those addicted to posting whatever on social media,_garbage_out

June 23rd

We hit 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome and congratulations to the Chambray owners in the

Dog Show Management Program, the Stud Dog Program, females producing the litters for the Puppy Placement Program and those in the Development & Training Programs for doing the right thing and protecting your dogs against the N2 & N8 Dog Flu virus.

That's over 100 dogs & owners working together for

the Betterment of the Breed

Thank you all for being the best dog owners & associates in the world!

V. Sandy Herzon



June 22nd


To All The New Visitors


How invigorating it is to offer a product and service that is novel and unique and then to have hundreds ‘find’ that offering and share their thoughts and comments on that and the overwhelming response be super receptive and positive!

Just what a convention of doctors ordered!

What really sets off the celebratory fireworks is the tremendous number that are inquiring as to how to be selected for the ownership of one of those prized, top show prospects from a litter that has just been evaluated.

That ‘selection process’ of placing the best puppies with the best candidates is what makes the whole program move forward with no other breeding program being in a parallel course…………………of course getting it right…………..making the right choices for those puppies is the real ‘magic’ act!

Spreading the ‘goodness’ to the many, makes that many more show champions in the future, whereas the old fashion way of keeping the best and selling the rest, limits the number of top dogs produced, thus less dogs that rise to the top and even fewer that will be shown.

What really is encouraging is how many of the folk that have recently visited our websites, that have perused through all the information provided…………………..have actually understood the drive, purpose , goal and mission and the eventuality of the outcome for those that take part in the Owner’s Program.

How, those brand new or relatively new to the breed can accelerate their learning curve, can achieve success without all the neophyte mistakes made along the way………………….where instead of being breeders of champions in 10 years…………………..those aligned with our programs achieve that designation in their very first litter produced as a co-breeder with the Chambray breeding program…………a totally unheard of accomplishment, however par for the course for the dozens and dozens that have worked hand in hand with our Owner’s Programs in the last 30 years.

One of the perks of being an existing Chambray owner is to always be included on the list of litters available and automatically being considered at the top of the list over those newly interviewed and under consideration as new owners-to-be.

So, to all those that are new to our Labrador world, welcome.

Read through all the information offered at the websites. Request more information, in fact we even have recorded evaluations of litters available to those that wish to see the process……………….see the puppies, see those in attendance as part of the mentorship process.

The next step is to actually come visit us at Chambray Acres or for those far away, come visit me at a dog show nearby. I always make myself available to ‘speak’ Labrador!


On Another Note:

I have been receiving inquiries from many professional handlers, exhibitors and breeders about the West Palm Beach shows and whether I think that majors will be achieved at the 4 days of shows for July 13th to the 16th.

Things are a bit topsy-turvy at the moment to get the real feel for entries. Some folk are not showing their hands right now for fear of being persecuted by the morality squad on Facebook, while others are genuinely concerned for their dogs with the flu virus and its effects. 


The Chambray owners went all out and have vaccinated their dogs according to the protocols set up by their vets. We are all set and will be bring a sizable roster to the WPB shows. I am not sure that the numbers of class males we have signed up will be enough to build a 3-pt major with the rest of the class males from the Florida area. Right now I have 9 class males committed and that means that 8 more males need to be entered by the rest of the pro handlers, breeders and exhibitors.


Barring any late breaking news, that is the current state of affairs for the WPB shows. 



June 19th




Welcome, welcome, welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


‘Whoa Nelly’…………………..we are experiencing major overload of visitations from every which way and loose as a goose places! For several days, the combined websites registered 3 times the daily traffic and now with the Show Site Magazine's 8-page Center-Fold layout of Jessie’s handling business…………….. ‘WOWZER’ doesn’t quite begin to capture the overwhelming numbers of folk surfing and perusing through all our pages and then the  number of emails with inquiries is at an all-time high!

What a better way to advertise and promote our product and services and I haven’t spent a cent! That’s what I call a tremendous bang for no bucks invested!



Every once in a long while, I take the opportunity to answer direct questions that have come in during that span of time in between the last time that I did a Q & A blog. What I do, is to save questions into a ‘Want to know bucket list’ file and then I whip that file out and go about selecting the most pertinent ones………………… me when I say that there are dozens upon dozens of questions that come in that make no sense whatsoever, so those would have noanswerwhatsoever, so no need to cover those.


Okay, enough of the drum roll and into the nitty gritty.


Q. “Is it really true that you as a breeder don’t keep the best puppies for yourself?”

A. This questions comes in with quite the frequency………………..I guess the thought of any breeder NOT KEEPING THE BEST, boggles all ranges of minds………………so here goes, YES!

Yes, I don’t keep the best……………or better said, ‘We place the best with folk that we feel are the best for those puppies!’

Oh, I know that 999.9% of all top Labrador breeders keep the best for themselves………….like in “Keep the best and sell off the rest”…………….yep, if I have heard that a million times, I have heard it a billion times in my 47 years with Labradors…………………….but homey here does things bass-ackwards and then I revel in the unfettered successes of that master-plan! Yep, what we do is different and what we experience as a result is unique……………………..more champions produced, by far than the next top breeder in the country………………….more wins in the Labrador ring than any other Labrador handling team in the country………………………….yep, it all adds up!

Q. “You claim to be the top Labrador breeder in the country, is there a place or website that shows that?”

A. Why, yes……………………… my websites at and

So, now all that has to be done is to have someone prove that wrong! Have another Labrador breeder stand up and make the same claim and list more than 35 brand spanking new AKC champions from one kennel since 2012! That’s not just whistling Dixie, no siree, that’s a wrap from sea to shining sea…………….across the ocean to the middle of the Pacific and up the coast where the Eskimos live…….that’s 50 states, US states to be exact. PLUS, on a localized level, mostly the sea level that constitutes the boundaries of the state of Florida, top Labrador breeder for the last 20 years straight with 3 times as many champions as the next one down the line can count. So, yes to the country and overwhelmingly the state!

Q. “Why do you offer free training with your dogs?”

A. Well, actually, why not? Why not provide a full Lifetime Support Program with Mentorship so that all those new to the fancy will avoid making all the mistakes that newbies make. Why not make the whole experience for a neophyte a pleasurable one so that new blood comes into a sadly withering sport? Why not create an environment where folks with the same interests can join in and have an Owner's Program that they can feel proud to be part of, where their contributions are Paying It Forward to the Next Generation of puppies produced? Yes………………….FREE TRAINING FOR THE LIFETIME OF THE DOG! The real question that begs to be asked is “Why ask why?”

Q. “Reading through your pages, I see you don’t require contracts with the placement of your top puppies and dogs. How can you work without requiring a contract?”


A. I know that sounds preposterous, but trust me there is a simple and logical explanation! Here is how it works…………………..I provide the one of a kind Owner’s Program for the Betterment of the Breed to all owners of our puppies and dogs! That includes unheard of and unequaled amenities not offered by any other breeder in the country and maybe even the world! From Lifetime Free Training, Full Support Program, Full Mentorship in all aspects of the breed, Inclusion into the Stud Dog Program for dogs, Inclusion into the Puppy Placement Program for dams, Inclusion into the Dog Show Management Program, the AKC CGC Training & Testing……………..and on and on, way too numerous to list here. So after all that is SAID & DONE…………………………all those receiving the preceding can take part in the next level of participation WITHOUT BEING FORCED TO……………………..their choice………………………NO CONTRACTS………………………………….so, after receiving all the preceding, they want to get out and fly about the country, well break a leg or two, because there is nothing other than their choice to pay it back and willingly take part in the Pay It Forward Movement of perpetuating the next generation of puppies as part of Chambray’s Owners Program. So, no contracts because I don't do contracts, those that wish to work with me, will and those that want to go their way, begone!

Q. “What percentage of puppies comes out show vs. pet?”

A. Oh boy, long answer, probably best to do a whole blog about……………….but I will cut to the chase for now and just answer the question for in the ‘now’. For the last 8 years we are operating at 90% show vs. 10% pet………………………..back in 1989 we were lucky to have 1 show puppy in 3 litters! We just evaluated a litter at 100%, all 8 puppies and the average score for the 8 puppies was as high as the highest scoring puppy 5 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In fact, this is the highest scoring litter of all times with the highest scoring 3 puppies ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, proof positive that breeding the best from over 100 dogs in the breeding program to choose from does indeed produce the best there is!

Q. “How do you choose who you place your puppies with?”

A. The most arduous process of all the Labrador-related activities and agendas that we take care of!!!!!!!!! Mind boggling doesn’t begin to explain it……….in fact, there is no rational explanation that would adequately explain what I go through to come to an end result. Bottom line, I place my top puppies with people that understand the mission and goals of the Pay It Forward Movement and that will work in a cooperative fashion with us to produce the next generation of superb puppies.

EASIER SAID THAN DONE………………….because of all the different quirks in the gene pool……………….the HUMAN GENE POOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, working with dogs is a piece of cake, a piece of pie, a piece of artwork…………………………working with people is another whole enchilada! When you least expect it, wham, bam, thank you ma’am that’s all she wrote!

So, not an easy thing to do to choose the right owners and then to work with such an array of human nature................somehow it gets done and 30 years later, here's Johnny!

June 20th

Huge Surge In Visitors

In the last few days there has been a huge surge in daily visitors to the website and in particular the Blogging Off Page and also the Puppy Page at

Not quite sure what is generating the traffic, but it is highly welcomed as it introduces hundreds to our Labrador-related activities and involvement spanning 47 years!

Where as the vast majority of Labrador breeders are just that, we have incorporated our love and passion into a professional all-in-one endeavor.

Besides breeding at the top national levels {# 1 Champion Breeders 4 out of the last 5 years in the country}.................we are also Professional Dog Trainers having trained well over 40,000 dogs in the last 47 years & Professional Dog Handlers.......................having accumulated the longest winning streak for Labrador Retrievers of 157 straight dog show weekends..........starting in January of 2012........................winning at every weekend of dog shows that year, all of 2013, all of 2014, all of 2015, all of 2016 and so far all of the weekends of shows in 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6 years straight at over 157 Dog Show Weekends, from Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, South all-breed dogs shows, at LRC specialty shows, at the 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 Eukanuba week of the 2016 Royal Canin week of the Florida Winter Circuit.


Every year the AKC sends out a questionnaire to all those breeders and trainers that take part in any of their recommended community service programs.

The AKC wants an updated listing of all the activities that we as breeders and trainers offer the community either as a pro bono offering or as a professional services.

So, here is a sampling of what my recent report to the AKC looked like for Chambray Labradors Inc., Professional K9 Services Inc., Chambray Dog Training Inc., XClusiveK9 Services Inc.

We are:

  • AKC Breeder Of Merit ~ Gold Club Member

  • Members of the AKC Greater Miami Dog Club

  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

  • AKC Breed Mentorship Program

  • AKC Silver Medallion Bred By Exhibitor Recipient

  • AKC Gold Medallion Bred-By-Exhibitor Recipient

  • AKC RDO Day Member, Sponsor & Organizer {Responsible Dog Ownership Day}

  • AKC Re-Uniters Network Member

  • Mentors Miami/Dade County High School Veterinarian Program

Here are some of the activities we have provided the community in the last year.

  • Three nights a week Training Classes {Pro bono for all Chambray dog owners}

  • Three nights a week Training Classes {special discounts for GMDC members}

  • Three nights a week Training Classes open to the public with nominal fee

  • 100’s of Private One-On-One, Pro Bono for Chambray Owners, Professional service to the public

  • Free training sessions to any Paws With A Cause Org, dogs that are under surrogate home environments

  • September 2016 RDO Day with 27 dogs and owners participating

  • 4 Fun Matches & Activities totaling 106 owners and dogs since June 2016

  • 6 Health Clinics with Vets in attendance providing health care, rabies vaccinations, Health Exams and Certificates, X-rays to be submitted to OFA, FCI, EU, UK and Penn Hip for clearances, DNA swabbing and blood draws for Optigen, Gen Sol, DDC, Paw Print, AniGen, U Minn, and other DNA clearing organizations……..totaling 133 dogs in attendance.

  • Temperament and Conformation Evaluations & Mentorship for over 75 dogs.

  • 3 different 5-Week CGC Training & Testing Courses (free of charge to Chambray owners, $25 for non-Chambray owners, totaling 37 owners and dogs……………..95% passing.

  • 2 Handler’s Seminars and Workshops totaling 25 participants………….free of charge for Chambray owners, $35 for the 2 day event for outside participants.

  • Dozens of training sessions for Chambray owners at out of town dog shows where the clients come to the shows and we provide free of charge training sessions and mentoring.

To all those new visitors, our involvement with Labrador Retrievers is extensive. We have created 2 websites to make it easier to navigate and understand our mission with the breed.

At this website, is the more complex entity. Here we house the Blogging Off page, on the front page we document our most recent dog show wins, plus all our dog show wins for the last 6 years of showing, also a page for our Champion females and many other pages full of information that our Chambray owners can peruse through.

At the site, we only keep our Puppy Page and our Stud Dog Page.....................this site is our Quick In & Out site.

As always, we welcome inquiries on any subject related to Labrador Retrievers.

Enjoy your visit.












June 19th




Check out Jessica Herzon’s  centerfold layout in Show Sight Magazine………………………..a stunning 8-page spread featuring 8 different breeds of dogs, some of those dogs that she has taken to the USA Top 20 for their breeds!

All of those dogs honed to perfection to those heights by her supreme mastery in training and her wizardry in the show ring.

As a reward for her work, achievements and successes with those dogs, her clients…………the dog’s owners put together this dazzling display of loyalty to show their gratitude for her efforts.

We are so proud of her devotion to the art form of show training, conditioning and presentation that we all love to watch and see when she is in the ring with her assignments.

I could go on, but as the old reliable saying goes……………………'one picture is worth a thousand words'……………….enjoy the 8 full pages of amazing craft, no more words needed!

ShowSight - The Dog Show Magazine - June 2017


ShowSight - The Dog Show Magazine - June 2017   Pages 96 through 103    or click on page layout below

June 17th

Chambray Health Clinic #4 For 2017
Planned For July 2nd

It is so difficult to plan outdoor events in South Florida when the rainy season gets chugging along!

When you least expect it a ‘boomer’ will start rising just west out in the Everglades……….reach 40 to 50 thousand feet high and wham, bam there you have it…….a toad strangler of epic proportions, probably as bad as the one from the day before!

For those not in the lingo know-how of our weather vernacular down at this end of the contiguous 48 states, ‘boomers’ are fast rising cumulonimbus clouds that have a huge base and then in the middle there will be a fast climbing column of air and moisture that rises where water droplets freeze and become hail, the column of air, laden with water rises and falls back down to the base and rises again to the very top, over and over again and each time the frozen water droplet enlarges……………….this action creates a tremendous amount of friction………which in turn generates lots and lots of energy, causing huge displays of lightning and thunder and enough of a downpour to drown out whatever can’t swim……….thus the toad strangler allegory.

At Chambray Acres, less than a mile from the eastern edge of Everglades National Park, this spring/summer-to-be we have had several of those outdoor activity/functions drowned out by Mother Nature’s furious and replenishing display of might and power and precipitation.


However, we were spared a vital get-together on June 10th when a planned Chambray Health Clinic was able to dodge the daily deluge which starts in mid-May and lasts through the first or second week of September.

A total of 18 dogs with some of their owners made the trip out to Chambray Acres for our planned 3rd Mobile Unit Health Clinic of the year conducted by Dr. Cesar. Some dogs needed certificates for travel and some for dog ownership transfers for Health Certificates, some for vaccinations for the Dog Flu & annual rabies, several for X-rays for OFA certifications and a couple for certificates for sperm motility for stud dogs.

This is a vital service we provide several times a year for all the Chambray owners and for several other client/breeders of other breeds. We contract our resident veterinarian, Dr. Cesar to come out with his mobile unit to Chambray Acres and spend the day to provide a full range of services for our owners.

On this Health Clinic Event we were able to get 3 of our top stud dogs collected and have issued their semi-annual Canine Semen Collection & Certification Of Motility. Both Ch Chambrays Maxed N Counter and Int Ch Chambrays Stone Crusher and our newest champion Ch Chambray's Triple Play, all aced their exams with beyond 90 percentiles.

Three of our client’s Labs were X-rayed for elbows and hips and those views were submitted to OFA for certification. Upon passing, all three dogs will be under consideration in the future for our breeding program.

One of our In-Kennel Starter dogs, a 5-month old trainee for potential service work received a full physical examination………..passing the Health Exam, received his USDA Health Certificate and was right then and there placed with a service trainer and his new owner as a future Service Assistance Dog.

8 other dogs have received their Dog Flu vaccination, which now brings to a total of 35 Chambray dogs that have been inoculated for both the N2 and N8 CIV. We are almost at 100% for all those dogs that are part of our Dog Show Roster. We hope that by the next dog shows that we travel to in July at WPB FL that we will reach that 100% of all dogs in our care that will have had the vaccines to aid in warding off the more serious effects of the flu.

We also performed DNA swabs on 9 puppies and young dogs to send to Gen Sol for DNA clearances. DNA markers are now available for over a dozen maladies and traits and we take advantage of all these new tools to ensure the healthiest breeding stock possible.

The next Chambray Health Clinic will be held on Sunday, July 2nd. Again we will have the Mobile Unit here with Dr Cesar to perform whatever is needed in terms of vaccinations, semen certifications, X-rays for OFA or Penn Hip Certification, Health Certificates for dogs traveling out of state as is being required by some of the surrounding state's agriculture agencies and also for cheek swab collections for DNA testing.

Although we have quite a sign up list already, we will make room for others that wish to take advantage of this community service we provide all of our owners and other breeds of dogs as well. As always, our part in this service is provided absolutely free to our Chambray owners.

'Logan' with new owner Paul
Ch Chambrays Triple PLay
Ch Chambrays Maxed N Counter
Int Ch Chambrays Stone Crusher
Watch Service Dog Trainer, Daniel De La Rosa work with Logan (ex-Tux) at the following
Logan received his basic training at Chambray Acres with Jessie Herzon providing most of the off-leash work and our in-house trainers of Jenna, Jackie, Jessica Mejia, Johanna Herzon and yours truly putting in  the social and manners training and AKC CGC work. He will now be specialized trained to be a full Service & Assistance Dog for his new owner.

June 15th

The rain just keeps on coming!

In 44 years here at Chambray Acres, this has to be the wettest June ever!

The county just announced that our area will be targeted for

mosquito spraying for the next couple of days!

It has been real quiet down this neck of the woods.

This is the very first time since 1990 that we don't pack up whatever configuration of vans, trailers and other forms of people/dog transportation, that we have had and not show dogs at both the June Tampa and the Orlando shows!

Wow, 27 years of supporting the Central Florida dog shows.

The Herzons and the extended family of Chambray owners wish all the exhibitors, the club members, the breeders, the professional dog handlers,

the MBF gang, the vendors all the best........we are at home,

but we are with you all in heart and spirit.

We hope to catch up with all of you at the West Palm Beach shows, God willing!

June 12th

Boredom Setting In With The Same Weather Day After Day 

Since we made the decision to sit out almost 2 month's worth of shows to let the dog flu and the accompanying toxic discord die down that was being hashed out on FB.............we have had tons of wet weather to deal with.

So, mostly I am living vicariously by those Chambray owners and dogs that have been on the front lines showing their dogs. 

Two of our Grand Champions have been going head to head at some of the shows in the south..........both racking up grand champion points towards their Bronze Grand Champion's title.

Gr Ch Chambrays Duke Destined For Greatness is right at that mark or almost there.................according to our records he could have hit the Bronze already with 100 grand champion points, however we need AKC conformation because, because the points are not adding up and he could still be 2 points away!

However, his owners and the Chambray family of owners will wait until we receive the final word to celebrate another record setting Bronze fact, Duke could very well be the youngest of our Bronze Grand Champions.

Gr Ch Chambrays Midnight Delta Lady is at the halfway mark with 50 points and the way she is going, she could make it 3 Bronze Grand Champions in 1 year, also raising Chambray's total to 10 Lifetime, which is the most in the country.

Several of our young whippersnappers are also on the show circuit with Chambray's Just Wow 'Gypsy' circulating up in the Wisconsin, Minnesota area. At 9 months old, she has already won points in Florida, Georgia and Minnesota.

Chambrays X-Factor Pr Charles Xavier 'Charlie' has scored 6 points of his own at just a year old showing out of the California and surrounding states.

So, in between deluges of rain and working training sessions, I anxiously check my emails to get updates from those owners whose dogs are out showing.


Keep the good news coming!

On Another Note:

I did myself a huge favor yesterday! I went on Facebook and ‘unfriended’ a turnip truckload of toxic people!

Yeppers, wiped them out with a single click of a little unfettered mouse!

My, my, the power of a mouse…………………..that can just terminate so many that are so negative!

Toxic people are like Trojan Horses………….they sneak in and then let themselves out and then go about wreaking havoc with their Toxic Shock Syndrome!


FaceBook has gotten to Toxic Overload!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Now, I can navigate through Facebook and only see smiling faces, funny snippets, cute as pig’s ears dogs and kids and of course some people doing stupid things.

I am also taking names………………..anyone with a lousy agenda, threatening attitude, evil political rantings and ravings…………….of any kind………………….will be dealt with swiftly by the unfettered mouse!

Life is way too short to be constantly discussing things with those that are looking for ways to make things worse. Toxic people cleansing is the way to go……………and the greatest thing about it is that they have no clue that they no longer are holding anyone back because no one is reading their toxicity!

June 11th

Not much new to blog about................rain, more rain and more on the way.

Very difficult to come up with any thing new when the 'same old is the same old'!

However all this downtime is great time to be spending with our Labradors and those of our owners that have been frequenting Chambray Acres

in between the torrential downpours.

Hopefully the current weather pattern will break and we go back to the usual South Florida rainy season which is much more predictable and for the last 44 years here at Chambray, we know how to work around it. 


All Chambray dogs from all points are still reporting 100% healthy, other than a few with the usual 'hotspots' and regular boo boos of summer!

More than 80% of our owners have opted for the Flu vaccine

and some of those have had the combination N2 and N8 shot.

Looks like the mites have subsided as no new reports have come in.

As always an ounce of prevention is worth its weight in gold.

June 7th

For all those that have emailed or called us about all the rain and bad weather, we, Herzons and dogs are all okay..................lots of rain, flooding, down tree branches and some damage to tents/tarps and more leaks to some others areas of the house roof............can't complain though I installed that roof right after Hurricane Andrew in 1992, so it has served us well for 25 years!!!!!!!!!!

There are others that have been affected much worse, if anyone is in dire need and needs any help with their dogs, let us know.

Thank you all for caring

V. Sandy Herzon

June 5th


Moving ON

The anxiety level seems to have quelled somewhat on social media about the dog flu, however I urge all owners to stay vigilant and not frequent heavily used dog parks for another 3 weeks.

Cooperatively the majority of the Chambray owners, at my urging, made the decisions to forego participating at dog shows for the month of June, so most of the Chambray dogs that comprise a sizable number at the Florida dog shows will be conspicuously absent. There will be a few of our dogs whose owners will participate at those shows as each of those owners has taken the recommended steps to ensure that their dogs will be safe.

Since most of our dogs are relatively from the same vector, those owners that routinely meet up for play dates in safe zones with their dogs and those that come to Chambray Acres with their dogs……………with all those dogs having followed the proper inoculations and protocols that we recommend and that their individual veterinarians have enacted, seemed to have weathered this health storm at 100%. Not one Chambray dog has reported any symptoms and all those that had titers done, came back negative.

So, according to the available information from accredited medical sources, and if no new outbreaks occur, by the July WPB shows, those dogs and owners that choose to get back to normal, can do so without added worry.

We will continue to work with those owners that wish to ride out to our place and will continue the night training classes, weather permitting of course and everyone that uses our facility for training knows to call by 5 PM that afternoon to listen to the recording about the status of the class.

Regular News:

The rainy season is upon us and mosquitoes are flying rampant everywhere. Make sure that all dogs have their heartworm meds.

Starting in April, mites have been at their worst this year. Inspect your dogs to see if there are any ‘moth eaten’ areas as this is a sure sign that a mite has been circling around that spot burrowing into the hair follicle pores. If need be, take a photo of the area and email it to me and I will let you know if I think it is mites and also what to do just in case.

Ticks are predicted to be at an all-time high this year because of an over population of mice and mice attract the ticks and then because the mice forage in widespread areas, they then spread the ticks all over. One tick bite can induce a host of life-threatening diseases, such as Lymes, Powassan virus, Babesia, Erhlichia, Ricky Mountain Spotted Fever, Tick Fever and several other maladies as well……………every year I see and hear of cases so it sounds that this year we all need to be more vigilant!

June 4th


Tampa Dog Shows

The entry numbers came out for the 4 days of Tampa shows and the numbers are actually much higher than I expected to see. For instance at the Saturday show from last year the total entry was 1558 and this year’s Saturday entry is 1139………….with Labradors there were 51 last year………….25 entered this year.

Although the Herzons decided to sit out the Tampa and the Orlando shows since all the dogs we travel with and handle are owned by our owner/clients thus we decided that they should stay back in their homes…………….we are hopeful that all goes well at the shows for the sake of all the dogs, the handlers working those shows, the clubs putting in the time, energy and work and the vendors who support the clubs with their space money, and all the others that make up a dog show. Not just Tampa, but at all the other dog shows being put on all across the country.

Several Chambray owners decided to take their dogs to Tampa and probably the Orlando shows and have several of the working professional handlers exhibit those dogs at both weekends of shows.

We stand 100% behind those that choose to stay home and also those that choose go to the shows. We pray that the dogs that stay home and the dogs that go to the dog shows stay strong and healthy and that we can all get back to doing what we love with our dogs, be it frolicking in the park, doing the hunt tests, agility work, attending dog shows and any and all other activities that man and dog enjoy together.

We also hope that all the bickering about which group is right…………..the stay at home faction or the go to the shows group…………………that all of that stuff settles like allergic dust and that people get on with their lives and let others live theirs as they choose.

There is absolutely no need for lay people to constantly be posting the Fake News ‘updates’ that are totally fraught with erroneous information. Below are examples of things that have appeared on social media in the last week or so.

“Several hundreds have died”…………………. “Personally saw 4 dead dogs”………………….. “Government mandatory vaccination has been declared”……........ “40 states now reporting new cases”………….. “It all started in Deland” on and on………………more sensationalism, each time something is repeated, it gets aggrandized some more……………lay people trying to outdo the next post!

Facebook posting has become the new Fake News of dogs! Those people posting get a rush of 5 seconds of fame………………..their name in the headlines for a mere 5 seconds, until the next post ups the ante a bit more. It is the new Cheer’s Bar, where everyone knows your name, even if for all the wrong reasons! It is the new pastime, adding up the ‘Likes’ and the ‘Followers’…………………..had one lady who has been into Labradors with 1 dog for less than 2 years tell me she had 10 times more ‘Followers’ than I do where I have been into Labradors 47 years!

To tell you the truth, I didn’t know I had ‘Followers’ or ‘Likers’ or whatever they are called! All I care about is my dogs and my dog’s owners and if some of them want to ‘Follow’ me, they can read my blogs, where you get it straight from the horse’s mouth and not from a bunch of nags and jackasses clamoring to be seen and heard with the gibberish they chew and spew.

For the latest Official Update from the AKC

In case it is raining outside like it has been here for the last 3 is an interesting perspective:

Vet: Canine Flu....An article written by Lisa Etheridge DVM, in Arizona. Long read but very informative.

Hey all! Just checking back in because people (and likely I do not mean you reading this as you are my friends but more "people on various dog facebook pages") are discussing the issue with more and more panic. 

First of all, Florida has had a total of 12 cases confirmed positive. There is no number of how many tested only that there are 12 positive and none of those 12 have died. Now, immediately people chime in that "there are hundreds of dogs that have it" and "I know people whose dogs have died from it". But I need to point out that if they are not tested, and not necropsied after they have passed we do not KNOW any such thing. I need people to remember this- we only KNOW what we can prove. And NO, you can not ASSUME anything because just because two things happen at the same time do not mean they have anything to do with each other. 

I do believe there was some sort of respiratory complex very active and infectious at those two shows and from there dogs have gotten sick. I also know that some of the dogs have the flu virus- we do not know what other respiratory diseases they also had at the same time mind you. Maybe there is another respiratory illness (there myriad of possibilities) that actually more of the sick patients have in common but we are just not testing for it. Possible that it is a combo of several things, possible the flu virus has mutated and it not recognizable by tests, lots of things are possible and these things we do not know.

A comment I saw was someone noting that they had called their vet to get their dogs vaccinated (in a state where this disease has not occured so far) and their vet said they didn't carry the vaccine and they were appalled. They commented "Can you believe that???" Why yes, as a veterinarian, I can believe that. At our clinic we actually carry a well tested, well proven through science, very safe vaccine for THE MOST COMMON CANINE RESPIRATORY ILLNESS- you know the oral bordatella vaccine. And people talk all the time on facebook about how "useless" it is and it "made their dog sick" and "vets just give that to get money". So, let me tell you a few things about bordatella. It is a bacteria, so the vaccine is a bacterin. It is in the same family as whooping cough in people and if you have heard people with the disease and dogs with their disease you will know the cough sounds very similar. It is the most common infectious agent to come in on top of a virus and cause pneumonia and lung damage. Guaranteed it is active in these flu patients.


It is the most common cause of "old dog aging lungs" seen when lungs from elderly dogs are randomly checked after death (died not from any respiratory illness). The oral (or nasal) vaccine have 2 huge benefits over the injectable and thus my clinic does not carry or recommend giving the injectable. The first benefit is it only creates a local immune response in the upper airways. It does not require a full body immune response and therefore does not add to any concerns of "over vaccination". The second benefit over the injectable is that it does prevent shedding of the disease to other dogs. Wonder why kennels require your pet has this vaccine even though you may feel it is useless? Because pets that come with the disease then do not spread it into the environment and to other pets there. As with many bacterins (and the flu vaccine) it usually does not keep them from getting the disease but it does reduce signs. Because it gives local immunity that takes effect in about 48 hours, it is great even given in the face of an outbreak unlike injectables as well. I actually give all mine oral bordatella at 9 weeks or age. I also then give all my dogs the oral vaccine before each show season so about end of August and end of December because it is an oral and may not have as good coverage as a year and is very safe.

So why might your vet not carry this flu vaccine? Cause we aren't made of money and having an expensive vaccine on the shelf is not a great idea. Especially when that vaccine has been studied scientifically on only about 40 dogs, has not been shown to give excellent protection (unlike parvo or distemper or rabies vaccines and we have to beg people to give those), and we don't even know that this flu is the true underlying issue in the large majority of the dogs. Please remember the maps I posted earlier and the huge number of dogs tested and tested negative previously. Other respiratory issues are a big deal too.

If you would like to vaccinate your dogs, please do. But do not castigate your vet because they don't have the vaccine etc. I would tell you all if your dogs do not have bordatella and you are showing, I would certainly recommend that they get it. Preventing secondary infection is very important and that vaccine I can safely and strongly recommend.
If I was Queen of the Dog World, what would I do? Well, given what we have seen in the past these viral infections go 2 to 4 weeks. So far the dogs in new states (like Texas) were also at those original shows and exposed to the original issue. What I would do is ban all dog shows in the south and neighboring southern states for 1 month. I would also ban all AKC numbers that entered at those shows (takes to long to figure out who entered and who actually showed so just go with who entered sorry) from showing at ANY show in the US for 1 month. Reducing exposure in the beginning seems to be key to snuffing it out quickly. So that is what I would do. Oh, and I would ban anyone talking about it at all on social media except for the medical professionals when they are going to give us hard numbers.

What am I doing with my dogs? Not showing the month of June. My plans for after June are still the same and I will continue to watch for the real numbers to come out slowly but surely. And I will continue to wonder if we found the right respiratory offender in all of these sick dogs or if we are guessing still. What I will not do, is tell people this is a flu epidemic sweeping the country and killing hundreds of dogs because I have heard that on facebook. Hang in there people- try to remember that just because it comes up on every dog page and every other post on your facebook timeline it does not mean that it is an epidemic- all that means is it is the "thing" of the moment in the dog world to ramp everyone up. We do it to ourselves- we have to stop and try and be somewhat rational.

And if you want to give the vaccine, yes, you are likely going to have to purchase it yourself unless you are in any of the "hot" states right now. Sorry, but that is just the way it is. Apparently the dog ordering sites are all running out- they can't keep it in stock. Amazing to me when I can't get people to give vaccines that I know work for things I know kill- but that is the way it is. Lisa Ethridge..

June 3rd


I Love Those Raining Days

Sometimes the best laid plans get rained out…………………………no really, like in a deluge of precipitation, the down pouring H2O type!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, our annual puppy ‘mixer’, set for today June 3rd, with over 60 new owners with 19 puppies chaffing at the bit to attend with their newest additions to their families………………….most of those puppies born in 2016…………….. some somewhat older that are now making a bid to break into the starting dog show lineup for the 2017 Fall Dog Show Season………………………would have been all wet had they made the trek down to the now swampy South Florida area!

Yep, an all-points bulletin was sent out early in the morning to those embarking from places like Ocala, Tampa, Jacksonville, Flagler Beach, Melbourne, WPB, Ft Myers and lesser known destinations such as, Arvida, Aventura, Weston, South West Ranches and other whistle-stops …………………….the memo: DON’T COME DOWN!

My assurances to all, we have plenty of time from now until September to evaluate, train & condition and then decide which of these promising youngsters and teenagers and their owners will join the existing top class dogs that are currently starting as Team Chambray’s best dogs at the AKC shows.

Last weekend at the Orlando IABCA International Shows, we were able to see some of these puppies and young dogs strut their stuff and together sweep up 7 Best In Show awards! All of the dogs in our handling lineup at these IABCA shows earned their Int Ch’s title, as each of the 4 judges gave all of them the highest marks for the breed.

During this past week, we have been able to confer with each of their owners and recommend a future plan for each dog that was there at those shows……………those plans based on what we all observed and experienced at these ‘practice run’ exhibitions that serve us to determine which dogs will be asked to step up to the AKC level!

We now have 3 months to decide which dogs will be the Chambray super stars come the AKC shows in September…………..leading us to the pinnacle shows, the last shows for 2017, the Royal Canin week of shows in December in Orlando Florida………………………which, for several of our top champions is the prelude to bigger and better things……………..making the trip to the 2018 Westminster Dog Shows, where 4 of our Top Champions will be invited to be handled by the 4 members of the Herzon Family…………….a true once in a lifetime experience……………4 champions from 1 breeder handled by 4 members of the breeder’s family!

Now that's some gorgonzola cheese to bite on!

June 2nd


State Of The Union

Well………………………..Chambray Labrador’s State Of The Union, that is!

As can be readily seen with our country’s precarious political juggernaut, there is no pleasing…. not even 50% of the population……………..on any given topic, there are as many nays as there a yeas!

So, with tremendous pride I can state that operating Chambray Labradors & the Owners Program for the Betterment of the Breed at well over 90% ‘yeas’ is a humongous feat and extraordinary accomplishment!

90%, that is an astonishing percentage, considering all the different personality types, levels of comprehensions, egos and other human foibles that at times come hidden like Trojan Horses.

Our standard operating procedure is to maximize our efforts with those that are in that 90 percentile, giving those all there is, in every aspect of our expertise with Labrador Retrievers…………………bearing in mind that those folk take part in any and all of our offerings on their own volition and accord. None bear a contract or binding clause for their participation………………..they are here as long as they can work within a positive unison for the Betterment of the Breed.

So, we provide all our offerings to those that appreciate them and seldom if ever dwell on the negatives that are part of life as can be witnessed with today’s discord among civic brothers.

We know and expect that with each 10 new entrants…………….that will be Chambray owners, that 9 will be happy as larks and will take advantage of all there is that interests each of those………………….we also know from 30 years of maintaining this unique operating system, that there will be those that are not the ideal to work in a cooperative as this organization thrives on.

Those, that don’t fit are simply asked to move on, in many cases, if they owed something back as part of an ownership agreement…………….whatever the payback, it was desolved……………….no need to keep working on something if the association itself was not working.

Think how great our country would be if 90% were satisfied and on board, so we gladly let that 10% that just doesn’t fit in go and concentrate on the overwhelming 90% that appreciated the Chambray State Of The Union.

Every six months or so, there is a new group of Chambray owners that start out with a new puppy or a dog……………….to all of those that have just joined us, we say ‘Welcome’……………….to those that assuredly will make up the 90%, you are home!

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