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Thank you so much for working with Bob and getting us his first AKC win! It was a lot of fun to watch and to witness you guy’s first hand make it happen. Even though he is only 10 months old and I have only had him for 8 of those months, working with you guys weekly when possible (even though shortened by a really bad rainy season last year) it is nice to see his progress and how he is coming along.


You guys are the Lab professionals and Sandy in particular has been telling me about how Bob can move and has it coming around. I couldn’t help but think… knowing how many dogs you guys have in the program and owners you deal with I thought maybe this is what you do to keep everyone in the “game”.


I really did not have any expectations of him until what I was guessing to be around a year and a half old. This is a great surprise!


I enjoy being able to come over with Bob for training work, plus to be able bounce questions and concerns with you to ensure Bob is first and foremost healthy and happy… but living up to expectations of a Chambray winner, this makes me feel good (and proud). I hope I am doing the right things to keep him healthy and in conformation so that hopefully this can continue. I know there is still a lot of work to be done.


Yes this is just one win and I may not see another for quite some time if ever (that’s how the Judging ball can bounce), but it is nice to finally crack the ice on the first one and have at least one under our belt.One of the greatest things about your program is being with all the other Chambray owners and the family unit it provides to talk about all the trial and tribulations of each owner and their dogs plus everything that we can expect to go through on our journey. Plus the support they bring when your dog performs well, it sure makes for a fun atmosphere.I look forward to the continued work and hopefully more results like today! Thanks again and take care guys! See you soon in training.


John McGraw with Chambrays Razor's Edge Thunderstruck "Bob"



I’ve been enjoying the blogs recently with owners comments, q&a on the Chambray program, etc.


Here is my offering coming from an owner that does not live in Florida:


I am a proud owner of a Chambray show Labrador and while I do not live in Florida and cannot take advantage regularly of all the benefits that the Chambray owners program offers, I just can’t be happier with my Chambray girl and with the quality that Chambray instills in its program.


Why you ask?


First and foremost, Chambray emphasizes excellent temperament, physical soundness and conformation to the breed standard. I think that this allows the Chambray dogs to be more athletic and capable of showing in the conformation ring AND in performance events like obedience, agility, hunt test, and as hunting dogs.


This is what the Labrador Retriever breed is supposed to be able to do as stated in the breed standard:

“Physical features and mental characteristics should denote a dog bred to perform as an efficient Retriever of game with a stable temperament suitable for a variety of pursuits beyond the hunting environment.”


To me the Labrador Retriever is the ultimate versatility breed and it is critical to the betterment of the breed for labs to be competitive in the conformation ring and be able to perform as a hunter or as a performance dog.


Maybe one day there will again be a dual champion Labrador, and if there is it wouldn’t surprise me at all if it’s a Chambray Labrador.


Take care and keep going on the blog!


Virginia B. Wilson

Memphis TN.


What a pleasure it has been dealing with your Labrador Retriever organization. From our very first contact with email, to our visit with you at you farm, it has been an educational process all the way.


We are now home with our new addition and we could not be prouder owners. Our puppy is everything you said she would be and much, much more!


Our Vet pronounced her as the fittest puppy he had seen and so has everyone else that has seen her, including our dog clubs dog trainer/handler. She wants her showing as soon as she is 6 months old.


Thank you so much for including us in your owner's program.


Mona Lindsey
Atlanta GA.


Hello Mr. Herzon


Thank you so much for your professionalism and extremely informative website. It was such a pleasure speaking to you after weeks of visiting your website.

What a vast difference there is in dealing with you and many of the other "breeders" we spoke to. I have to share with you that there are a few disturbed people that pass themselves off as Labrador breeders. While our phone conversation was totally upbeat and positive, not so with some of the other people we spoke to in your area. It sounds like there is much envy for what you have put together for the Labrador community in Florida. Please consider us for a placement of one of your up and coming litters.


Mauricio Fajardo

Wow! What a treat to meet up with you at a dog show after so many years!!! Jessie is a full grown woman and what a beauty, I remember her running around your farm as a 7 year old, playing in the sand with all the puppies. Your son was 2 years old and was actually keeping up with Jessie at the time! You now have no hair, but are stately just the same. Man has the time flown by. My two Chambray Labs are now 11 and 13 year's old and what a wonderful journey they have been through with us. I was totally floored when you remembered each of them and who their parents were!!!!!!What a great following you have that I saw at the dog show, that is a testament of the great dogs you have and the support that you provide each dog that comes from Chambray. I was beaming with joy that my dogs are related to those wonderful dogs that seemingly won every award at that show!

Ed Case

I would like to commend you on your contributions to the Labrador community and thank you so much for inviting us to be part of the Owner's Program. It was so impressive to see all your owners participate with their dogs at the training classes and then to see them at the Ft Myers Dog Show. Your efforts with the breed make your group standout a head and shoulder above all the others who only offer puppies for sale. My wife, daughter and son can not wait until our puppy is born as we know we have to be patient and wait until you let us know that "our" puppy is here. We can not wait to join all your partners in this great group activity that you have put together. We met a few of them at the show and they all seem like such great people.


Gus, Emelda, Sonia and Gus Jr.

We took your invitation and met you at the Orlando dog show. WOW! What an experience it was to watch you and your family working and showing all those gorgeous dog! We were not interested in a show dog, but now the whole family is on board with plans for a great puppy that we all can get invovled in training and taking to the shows.


Thank you for taking the time to sit with us and explain the whole dog ownership process and also for introducing us to showing dogs. After the Labradors were finished we stayed the whole day and even watched the Best In Show competition.


The Iverson family.

More to come

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