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Chambray Phone Use Protocol
click on phone graphic to the left and please read the following document

We prefer email communications for those contacting us for the first time when requesting information about puppies.


Every year we receive well over 1500 inquiries for puppies, meanwhile we average around 80 puppies a year…………………………there isn’t enough time to speak over the phone to all those folks even if we worked the phones 10 hours a day, especially since there are not that many puppies to go around!


We have provided educational information at 2 different website to fully cover any and all questions that those seeking a puppy could possibly have.


After reading through the material we have provided, we then can answer some of the more pertinent questions via email where we will eventually set up a visit to our home and farm where we have been raising, training and showing Labradors since 1970, that’s 48 years with just one breed of dog.


  • For puppy availability see our Quick Version website at!chambray-puppy-page/citr



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